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Check out this article from City of Ate!

Back in January, Lauren Daniels of the Dallas Observer food blog City of Ate wrote an article titled “Five Dallas Coffee Shops to Help Break Your Starbucks Habit.”  In  it she listed some of the best coffee shops in Dallas and critiqued each one briefly.  Pearl Cup was ranked as the number one coffee shop to help break your Starbucks habit, and we couldn’t be happier!  It is entirely worth mentioning that the other four shops listed in her article are absolutely worthy competition in the Dallas market of local coffee shops.  It is important that these other shops exist.  While we would love for you to get your coffee exclusively from us, we know that’s not always practical.  The most important thing is that you support the entire culture of independent businesses buy choosing your local coffee shop over that other, ahem… habit.  So here is a big shout out to Lauren Daniels and City of Ate for promoting a local minded cafe society.  Here is what she had to say about Pearl Cup:

“One of the most brilliant cups of coffee you’ll find in Dallas, the Cup’s signature blend coffee is a custom mix of Indonesian, African and Latin American beans. A small is $2. But the warm fuzzies you’ll get at this great spot are priceless. Besides, Starbucks baristas would never make you a froth flower.”

Also, just to play fair, these are the other four coffee shops mentioned:  Mercantile Coffee House, Murray Street Coffee Shop, Oaklawn Coffee, and Oddfellows.

Once again, thank you City of Ate for the kind words and the go local message.  Also thank you to all of our patrons as well as all patrons of local Dallas coffee shops!

If you are interested in reading the original article in its entirety, it can be found on the Dallas Observer website HERE.

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Meet One Of Our Roasters, Topéca!

At Pearl Cup, we do everything we can to serve you the best coffee available, and a big part of that is choosing the right roasters.  On any given day, you can come in to our shop and get one of three different kinds of coffee, one of which is produced for us by Topéca Coffee.  They are a relatively local family-owned roaster in Tulsa (within about 200 miles) that uses a “seed to cup” business model to ensure the quality of their product from the time it is planted on the volcanic slopes in El Salvador to the time it is ground to make coffee.  Here is a little history of Topéca from their website:

In the middle of the 19th Century, Rafael Álverez Lalinde left the comfort and stability of his home country in Colombia in search of wealth and happiness in the wild frontier of El Salvador. With his family, he brought precious cargo including a caféto. Not just a coffee tree but a strain of the original Arabica coffee bean called “Typica.” Rafael had no idea that within two generations, his family would become one of the most influential families in coffee.

In 2001, six generations after Rafael Alvarez first introduced coffee to El Salvador, the industry was in trouble. A world-wide glut of coffee caused prices to tumble to an all time low. Many plantations like Topéca ceased operations because coffee beans had become more expensive to produce than they were worth on the open market. Despite these unfavorable conditions, Rafael Alvarez’s great-granddaughter, Margarita Lucia Díaz de López, convinced her son, Emilio, and her son-in-law, John Gaberino, to help her save the family’s coffee legacy.

Emilio and John quickly realized that the key to success was to take Topéca directly to the end consumer. With continuing investment in equipment and employee training, Topéca is now one of the few companies in the world that controls its coffee beans from time they are planted to the time they are roasted. This process, which they’ve dubbed “Seed-to-Cup”, allows Topéca to control the quality of its coffee with an obsessive level of attention. It’s also given Emilio and John the chance to extend Topéca’s legacy for another six generations.

Come in and try Topéca coffee at Pearl Cup today.  We love it and we know you will too!

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Greenhill School is hosting the 2012 ISAS Art Festival

We are proud to say that our friends over at Greenhill School are hosting the 2012 ISAS Art Festival this Thursday through Saturday!  We wish them all the best and hope that it is an absolute success!

From the Greenhill School website:

Greenhill students, parents and faculty are very excited about hosting the annual ISAS Arts Festival on March 29-31, 2012! We have secured several tents for outdoor events, our own food service company SAGE will cater the festival, and blocks of rooms have been reserved at local hotels

We are working hard to make this an incredible experience for the students. If you have any questions or concerns about the festival, we have provided a list of contacts in the right sidebar for various venues.

We look forward to seeing you in March!


Michael Manes
Head of Fine Arts
ISAS Festival Coordinator



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Fashion Industry Gallery Dallas is having their Fall Market March 22-24!

Fashion Industry Gallery Dallas is having their Fall Market March 22-24!  Open to the trade only, F.I.G. will be holding their Fall Market which will showcase a variety of  designers for fashion buyers.  There will also be a guest designer cocktail party March 22 from 6-8 with Galina Sobolev, designer of Single from WBC Inc.  If you are in the world of textiles, support local business and go check it out!

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