About Us

In early 2007 Carlene Saelg and Rita Davis moved to Dallas from Austin.

“Meeting new people and finding our way around Dallas was exciting! We quickly began searching the city for a coffee shop to call “ours”. You know, a cappuccino connection, a coffee hang out. We were looking for that one great community shop that we could go to on a daily basis but that perfect coffee shop eluded us.

We talked about opening a coffee shop many times and the decision to actually jump in and make it happen occurred when we figured out that we needed to create the shop that we were looking for, create the coffee community that we wanted to be a part of, and most importantly, create a shop with a coffee culture and superior product that we longed for.”

Carlene and Rita also knew that for the shop to be truly great and to stand out among the rest their shop would need to be different. So they developed their signature drink, The Pearl Latte™. This rich, creamy, dreamy latte won Best Latte in Dallas after only 6 months of being open!
WOW! That’s impressive!

The “Pearl Cup Girls”, as they are often referred to as, set out tasting coffees from Texas to California and the east coast. They eventually chose local Texas roasters.

It was important for them keep their purchasing dollars in the local economy.
Pearl Cup Coffee continues to be a community anchor that provides a friendly and inviting atmosphere that is conducive to studying, working, hanging out with friends or spending a quiet hour with a good book.